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Vacuum Box

Is this weld seam sealed tightly enough? Ensure the tightness of your geomembranes with the VACUUM BOX. The revised model made from transparent impact resistant plastic has a durable seal and an even stronger design. It provides a large, rectangular testing area of 810 x 310mm. The manometer also features a bar/psi scale. Well-placed fittings and the thumb pressure release makes handling remarkably simple.

Soapy water is applied to the welding zone to be checked. After connection to the VACUUM PUMP, a vacuum is generated above the zone with the VACUUM BOX/BELL. Thanks to its generous dimensions and practical drain valve, longer weld seams can be tested quickly and accurately.


  • Accomodating

    Large testing area

  • Easy-To-Use

    Simple and user-friendly functionality

  • Organized

    Clear arrangement of fittings

  • Monitoring

    Manometer BAR/PSI


Leister - Easily check a welding seam for leaks

With our VACUUM BOX and PUMP, you can easily detect leaks in a weld made by an extrusion welder. Vacuum box testing is a non-destructive examination used in locating seam leaks. A vacuum box and a compressor create a vacuum while a detergent solution is applied to the test area. The detergent bubbles and makes leaks visible within the created pressure zone.


Technical Data

Attribute Value Unit
Shape Rectangular
Size 32 x 12 x 6 inches

Vacuum Box

  • Extremely robust transparent material made from impact resistant plasti
  • Perfect handling with thumb pressure release
  • Durable seal
  • Manometer with bar and PSI scale
  • Quality fittings and hose