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Variant T1 Overlap

The durable VARIANT T1 Overlap is distinguished by its superior speed of up to 18m per minute. Combined with a slim and compact design, this welder allows for optimal weld seam inspection. Custom accessories complete the advanced design and help streamline the operation process.

The robust VARIANT 1 is versatile and used in many applications including hem, overlap, and tape welding. This model convinces with its remarkable speed, specifically with vehicle tarpaulin production for welding overlap, reinforcement, and anti-vandalism tapes. The e-drive operating concept makes setting welding parameters a quick and simple task.

With its high speed, flexibility, and specialized nozzle, this machine is a valuable addition to any welding project.


  • High-Speed

    Top welding speed of up to 18m/minute

  • Reliable

    Powerful design created for professional use

  • Accuracy

    Smooth lifting device for precise positioning

  • Easy Operation

    Smooth E-drive operating system

  • User-Friendly

    Clean digital display and storable parameters


Leister VARIANT T1 welds billboards and tarpaulins easily

The VARIANT T1 is distinguished by its outstanding speed of up to 18m/min (59ft/min). Combined with its compact design, this machine allows for a perfect view of the weld seam from all sides. This product was designed for smooth, ergonomic daily handling. Several new developments in the VARIANT T1 are proof of Leister's commitment to quality.


Technical Data

Attribute Value Unit
Voltage 230 / 400 V
Power 3680 / 5700 W
Temperature 212 –1148 °F
Speed 5 – 59 ft/min
Air flow range 40 – 100 %
Welding seam width 0.8 or 1.6 (20 or 40 mm) inches
Size (L × W × H) 28 x 16 x 10 inches
Weight 50 (without 5 ft cord) lbs
Mark for conformity
Protection Class I

Article No.
141.891 VARIANT T1, 230 V / 3680 W, 1.6” (40 mm) nozzle, with Euro plug
141.892 VARIANT T1, 230 V / 3680 W, 0.8” (20 mm) nozzle, with Euro plug

Variant T1 Overlap

  • Top welding speed of up to 18m per min
  • Reliable and sturdy design tailored for professional use
  • Smooth lifting device for precise positioning
  • Simple operation due to e-drive operating system