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Geostar G5/G5 LQS

Welding has been redefined with the GEOSTAR wedge welder designed specifically for the safe and easy welding of geomembranes. This mid-size, lightweight welder boasts a robust cast aluminum frame construction for extreme power range. The GEOSTAR also features an operating unit with integrated display for permanent monitoring of welding parameters and voltage. The new design makes wedge replacement simple and achievable in under one minute.

The GEOSTAR is available in performance classes GEOSTAR G5 and GEOSTAR G7.

The Leister Quality System (LQS) allows you to compile high-quality documentation for all aspects of welding work. Document each welding seam as a table, graphic or even with GPS coordinates. The GEOSTAR G7 / G5 LQS comes equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities and technology. This welder stands out from the crowd, helping you achieve technological advancement within the industry.


  • Maintenance-Friendly

    Strategic construction enables easy access to parts for cleaning or service

  • eDrive

    Integrated display of weld parameters enables constant monitoring

  • Ergonomic

    New clamping mechanism enables simple one-hand operation

  • Shifting Gears

    Two-gear transmission that can be easily modified

  • Monitoring

    Constant measurement and display of weld pressure

  • Spacious

    Plenty of room for easy loading of material into the machine

  • New Geometry

    New geometry supports the natural flow of geomembranes


Leister GEOSTAR G5-G7 wedge welders

The compact aluminum housing construction is your solid partner for even the toughest operations in the field. With its heating performance of 2500W, high travel speed of 12m/min (39 ft/min), and adjustable ground clearance, GEOSTAR masters even the roughest terrains.

Leister - GEOSTAR G5/G7 geomembrane welding in Mexico

Quality without compromise! With reliable equipment and friendly Leister service, users experience maximum productivity even under extreme environmental conditions.

Geomembranes perfectly welded with the Geostar LQS

The LQS (Leister Quality System), which is integrated in the myLeister app, automatically records the welding parameters including GPS location with every weld. Using WI-FI, the data is transferred to a tablet, smartphone or PC so that quality reports can be easily created. The system has proven itself and is used in mining, landfill and water projects.


Technical Data

Attribute Value Unit
Voltage 120 / 220 - 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power 1800 / 2800 W
Temperature 860 °F
Welding Wedge 90 x 50 mm
Max. overlap 150 °F
Max. Welding force 350 lbs
Weld width with test channel 2 x 11 / 2 x 15 mm
Speed 2.6 - 39
Level 1: 2.6-20
Level 2: 5 - 39
Dimensions (L x W x H) 19 x 11 x 11 inches
Weight 36 lbs
Materials HDPE 30 - 120mil*2 PP, LDPE, TPO, FPO, PVC-P*3, CSPE*3, EIA*3
Mark for conformity
Protection Class I

*1: Conversion of Level 1– 2 using position change of sprocket wheels
*2: Requires steel wedge PE


Scope of delivery: Automatic welder, transport box, 3 pcs. hexagon socket wrenches, cleaning brush, Operating Instructions

Article No.
151.683 GEOSTAR G5, 230V/2800W, Roller width 2 inch, copper wedge with test channel, with Euro plug
151.618 GEOSTAR G5, 120V/1800W, Roller width 2 inch, copper wedge with test channel, with Euro plug

Geostar G5/G5 LQS

  • Welding speed up to 39 ft/min
  • G7 Longer wedge means int welds up to 45 percent fast than the G5
  • High heating capacity / heating power
  • Digital display of weld pressure
  • Integrated voltage display
  • Wedge replacement in less than one minute
  • Adjustable chassis height