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This compact, heavy-duty welding machine has been used and praised around the world. The Comet is a small powerhouse that was strategically designed for the demands of landfill sites, mines and tunnels. Its slim architecture enables welders to complete difficult projects with the utmost safety, comfort, and ease.

This hot-wedge plastic welding machine records and stores all parameters, making data transfer as easy as possible. Its lightweight design, digital display, and user-friendly controls make this welder a professional powerhouse. Various custom accessories are available to streamline performance and maintenance.


  • Slim Design

    Compact design allows for easy and comfortable maneuvering

  • Digital Display

    Easy-to-read display of velocity and temperature

  • Easy Control

    Closed loop control of temperature and drive

  • User-Friendly

    Designed to reflect simplicity and easy functionality


Leister COMET hot-wedge welding

The world's smallest hot-wedge welding machine (only 7.5 kg) with an integrated operating unit for civil engineering.

Leister COMET prayer welding

Yes we can! With the reliable Leister Comet, prayer welds are possible. In just a few minutes, you can convert a Comet for prayer welding with no extra accessories needed. With wedges sizes of up to 4 cartridges, you get perfect welding results with or without a test channel. Typical materials to be welded are HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC-P.


Technical Data

Attribute Value Unit
Voltage 120 / 230 V
Power 1850 / 1500 / 1200 Hz
Temperature 176 - 788 °F
Max. overlap 125 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12 x 10 x 10 inches
Speed 2.6 - 10.5 ft/min
Weight 17 lbs
Welding pressure 100 - 1000 N
Weld seam width 2 x 15, with test channel inches
Material thickness 20 - 120 mil
Mark for conformity
Protection Class I

Article No.
107.547 COMET, with 50 mm wedge for PE, 230V / 1200W
107.538 COMET, with 70 mm wedge for PE, 230V / 1500W
145.893 COMET, with 95 mm wedge for PE, 230V / 1850W
107.558 COMET, with 50 mm wedge for PVC, 230V / 1200W
107.553 COMET, with 50 mm wedge for PE, 230V / 1200W
107.539 COMET, with 70 mm wedge for PE, 230V / 1500W