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Pre-Fabrication Solutions


Leister welders and testing instruments are used under the harshest environmental conditions around the world on a daily basis. Welding professionals often work in isolated areas far away from civilization or service. These workers depend on only the best – Leister welding tools have consistently proven to be the most lasting, efficient, and safe equipment on the market. We are proud to distribute a huge selection of Leister welding products including automatic and extrusion welders, hot air hand tools, plastic welding machines, and testing instruments. Capabilities vary based on product and include:

  • Advanced design
  • Customized accessories
  • Simple functionality
  • Various size options
  • Plastic welding
  • Overlap welding
  • Complex details & repairs
  • USB memory system

Success Stories

Prefabrication Welding

Leister has perfected their design strategy to create lightweight, flexible, easy-to-use machines that enable optimized welding of thermoplastic membranes. They possess the technology and industry knowledge to create durable equipment that streamlines prefabrication of all common construction materials including steel, concrete, wood, and plastic. Designed to reflect power and meet the demanding requirements of construction, our heavy-duty Leister welding tools are an indispensable asset to any civil engineering project.

Construction Prefabrication

Leister provides the tools necessary for optimized prefabrication of any materials or structure. The Uniroof series was specifically designed to enhance the production and comfort of professionals working on prefabricated houses, apartment blocks, hospitals, office buildings, and other construction projects. Thanks to its compact design and movable transport axle, users can avoid the aggravation of having to convert their machine.

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