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Plastic Fabrication


Leister welders and hand tools are used under dangerous conditions nationwide. Welders often work in uninhabited areas far away from other people or assistance. These professionals require the best – Leister welding tools have regularly proven to be the most enduring, valuable, and easy-to-use equipment on the market. We offer an expansive selection of Leister welding products including automatic and extrusion welders, process heat guns, prefabrication solutions, and test needles. Product capabilities vary based on model and include:

  • State-of-the-art design
  • Easy connections & repairs
  • USB memory system
  • Simple data recording
  • Flawless welding results
  • Overlap welding
  • Multiple size options
  • Hand tools & accessories

Success Stories

Plastic Fabrication

During the plastic welding process, thermoplastic fragments are permanently joined through the combination of heat, pressure, and cooling. Welding speed and quality are high priorities with regards to plastic fabrication. Plastic welding is often involved in the creation of materials for roofing, construction, automobile parts or repairs, electronics, and medical equipment. Hot air is becoming increasingly popular in industrial processes. Typical applications include activating, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilizing, drying, and warming. Customers profit from Leister’s extensive engineering knowledge and recommendations during the conceptual design of hot air applications.

Apparatus Fabrication

Leister offers a wide variety of welding tools to optimize process equipment manufacturing. Many tools are specially designed for welding thermoplastics including HDPE, PP, PVCU, PVC-C, PA, PVDF, and ECTFE to fabricate complex products such as fans or pumps. Leister also manufactures handheld extrusion welders with an output of 0.2 to 6kg (0.4 to 13lbs) per hour. Inventory selection includes hand tools for stitching, pull welding or the heating of plastics. Leister hand tools are used and endorsed worldwide.

Container Fabrication

Tanks created from thermoplastics are becoming increasingly popular in civil engineering. These materials are corrosion resistant, lightweight, and simple to process. Durable, high-quality welding equipment is necessary to ensuring the longevity of these benefits. Leister offers specialized welding tools for stitching, pull welding, and plastic heating. The extrusion welders are reliable, easy-to-use, powerful, and come equipped with many technical features and capabilities including tank construction, extrusion welding of plastic tanks or pipes, and hand welding of smaller details or objects.

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