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Working on a civil engineering project and in need of a quality North Carolina Leister equipment distributor? ABC boasts a massive collection of Leister welding equipment for all types of projects including wedge welding, geomembrane welding, overlap welding, and plastic welding. Our inventory consists of assorted welding machines and related products designed for all categories of applications and materials. Leister’s popular GeoStar, Twinny, and Triac machines are used by welding professionals across the nation with optimal results. We also offer several testing and vacuum instruments for quality assurance throughout the welding process.


We offer several Leister automatic and extrusion welders to streamline civil engineering projects including landfill, mining, and reservoir construction. Welding quality is necessary for the structural integrity and safety of construction sites. That’s why Leister tools are designed to reflect power, accuracy, and convenience.

Leister has designed numerous welding machine and hand tool models for the prefabrication of thermoplastics and other common construction materials. Their products are strategically designed to promote the comfort, safety, and productivity of welders.

We distribute an assortment of Leister welding machines and testing instruments for the optimized prefabrication of all construction materials including plastic, steel, wood, and concrete. Leister provides state-of-the-art equipment that the professionals can depend on.

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    Leister Welding Equipment for All Occasions

    ABC Equipments offers an immense collection of Leister welding equipment for any construction or civil engineering scope including process heat, housing construction, reservoirs, plastic fabrication, flooring, prefabrication, and mining. Leister has the perfect option regardless of project location, materials, or environmental circumstances. Our large product selection, top-notch customer service, and reasonable price range remain the best on the market. Compact hand tools and add-ons allow for the quick welding of complex structures and narrow areas. Leister manufactures welding machines of all different weights and sizes to accommodate any workload. Our business is also a certified distributor in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

    Your One-Stop Leister Distributor

    We are a licensed Leister distributor and possess the resources and industry awareness to support our guarantee of superior products and service. Welding can prove to be a perilous task and commonly occurs in secluded areas far away from civilization or assistance. ABC is here to support welding professionals by selling only the most secure, well-designed, and easy-to-use equipment. Leister’s patented laser bonding solutions provide alternative production processes in automotive, medical, sensor, electronics, and textile manufacturing, as well as microsystems technology. Their clean and non-invasive laser technology can also be applied to process heat applications. Reach out to our team via contact form or phone to learn more about our products and services. We look forward to assisting you! Our comprehensive inventory includes:

    • Plastic Welding Guns
    Automatic & Extrusion Welders
    • Hot-Wedge & Combi-Wedge Machines
    Testing Instruments
    • Hot Air Welders & Hand Tools