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Every day, Leister automatic and extrusion welders are used under severe conditions around the globe. Welders often work in remote areas far from civilization or service centers. These professionals require the best – Leister welding tools have continuously proven to be the most durable, productive, and dependable equipment on the market. We proudly sell a wide range of Leister welding products including automatic and extrusion welders, hand tools, prefabrication solutions, and testing instruments. Product features vary based on model and include:

  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Custom accessories
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Seam inspection & quality
  • Overlap welding
  • USB memory data system
  • Test channel application
  • Handheld tools & accessories

Success Stories


During mining construction, hazardous material is released and washed out into reservoirs. A leak-tight sealing system ensures that metals released into the reservoirs do not leak into the groundwater supply and contaminate it. All equipment features specialized nozzles, hot wedges and pressure rollers to double weld the overlapped sheets. Leister offers the EXAMO, VACUUM BOX, and other various testing instruments for enhanced weld seam quality and inspection capabilities.

Landfill Construction

With regards to storage site construction, the sealing system serves as primary focus during installation and is crucial to ensuring long-term site safety. The bottom geomembrane is typically created from HDPE, PP, PVC or TPO, while the top geomembrane layer consists of thinner materials. Once welding is complete, the newly created test channel can be checked using a test needle and air compression. Leister offers welding machines to meet any and all requirements; the hot-wedge and combi-wedge machines come equipped with a range of welding pressures to optimize any project, small or large.


Tunnel geomembranes are used in various types of mining. Leister offers several machine models designed specifically for overhead welding. Details can be welded safely and efficiently with the extrusion welders, hand welding tools (heat guns), and coordinating accessories. Equipment must be lightweight and easily adaptable to successfully complete overhead welding. Leister has designed several welding machines suitable for tunnel construction, including the TWINNY, COMET, and TRIAC DRIVE AT.

Reservoirs & Fisheries

Sealing system leak prevention is a top priority with regards to distribution reservoirs and fish farming tanks. Throughout the welding process, materials must be completely leak-tight and remain so for years to come. Quality welding tools are necessary for ensuring the integrity of the sealing system. Leister’s compact and simply designed GEOSTAR wedge welders and TWINNY hot air welders flawlessly adapt to any surface, allowing for the safe welding of plastic geomembranes and a leak-tight finish.

Ponds & Reservoirs

Artificial lakes and swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. To ensure the quality of a sealing system, one requires durable welding tools that produce excellent results and promote economic integrity. The VARIANT T1 is particularly optimal for completing overlap welding of larger areas with even surfaces, as often encountered in swimming pool structures.

The compact and adaptable UNIROOF is better suited for more compact or restrictive areas, as well as roofing installations. Artificial ponds and swimming pools are often comprised of rough, uneven surfaces. Leister offers several hot wedge welding machines designed specifically for the demands of civil engineering projects. The compact, easy-to-use GEOSTAR wedge welders and TWINNY hot air welders impeccably conform to any topography, allowing for the secure and leak-tight welding of thermoplastic geomembranes.

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