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Working on a prefabrication project and searching for a dependable Florida Leister equipment distributor? ABC Equipments specializes in the distribution of Leister equipment for all categories of welding projects, including home construction, fabrics, civil engineering, plastic fabrication, and process heat. Regardless of project scope, our superior product selection, service, and pricing remain unparalleled. We proudly sell and endorse Leister tools as the most powerful, reliable, and economic welding equipment brand on the market. Welding can be dangerous and oftentimes takes place in remote areas under extreme weather conditions; ABC Equipments is here to help by providing only the most dependable equipment.


We offer several Leister automatic and extrusion welders to streamline civil engineering projects including landfill, mining, and reservoir construction. Welding quality is necessary for the structural integrity and safety of construction sites. That’s why Leister tools are designed to reflect power, accuracy, and convenience.

Leister has designed numerous welding machine and hand tool models for the prefabrication of thermoplastics and other common construction materials. Their products are strategically designed to promote the comfort, safety, and productivity of welders.

We distribute an assortment of Leister welding machines and testing instruments for the optimized prefabrication of all construction materials including plastic, steel, wood, and concrete. Leister provides state-of-the-art equipment that the professionals can depend on.

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    Leister Welding Equipment for All Projects

    We provide a wide range of Leister welding equipment for all subcategories of welding, including wedge welding, geomembrane welding, and laser plastic welding. The renowned GeoStar wedge welders are used and commended by professionals worldwide. Leister has strategically designed their equipment to optimize civil engineering projects and allow welders to complete jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.

    Welding quality is critical not just to the safety of workers but also to the integrity of the structures they build. For this reason, welders rely heavily on the quality and accuracy of their equipment – that’s why they choose Leister. ABC Equipments also distributes equipment in Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products, assist and educate customers on our equipment, and uphold our reputation as the top welding tool distributor. We have locations throughout the southeast United States to give our clients widespread options and support. Our broad selection of welding products includes:

    • Hot Air Tools
    Testing Instruments
    • Hot-Wedge & Combi-Wedge Machines
    Automatic & Extrusion Welders

    The Leister Distributor You Can Trust

    Whether looking to order a single welder or one hundred heat guns, we are a certified Leister distributor and have both the inventory and industry knowledge to best serve you. We sell a wide variety of welding tools designed for various materials, topographies, and project types. Leister offers both larger and more compact welding machines to optimize any and all types of projects. A large assortment of hot air hand tools and accessories allow for the welding of more complex details or smaller, hard-to-reach areas. Please connect with us via online contact form or phone to further discuss our products, ordering process, and pricing. We can’t wait to assist you!