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ABC Equipments is a proud Alabama Leister equipment distributor with Leister welding equipment designed for a range of civil engineering projects throughout the state of Alabama including roofing, housing construction, process heat, textiles, plastic fabrication, prefabrication, and mining. Regardless of project category or scope, our huge inventory, friendly customer service, and economic pricing are unrivaled. We distribute a wide range of Leister welding tools designed for various topographies and applications. They offer both heavy duty and lightweight machines to optimize all categories of welding projects. An expansive selection of hand tools and accessories allow for the safe and easy welding of complex details or challenging confined areas.


We offer several Leister automatic and extrusion welders to streamline civil engineering projects including landfill, mining, and reservoir construction. Welding quality is necessary for the structural integrity and safety of construction sites. That’s why Leister tools are designed to reflect power, accuracy, and convenience.

Leister has designed numerous welding machine and hand tool models for the prefabrication of thermoplastics and other common construction materials. Their products are strategically designed to promote the comfort, safety, and productivity of welders.

We distribute an assortment of Leister welding machines and testing instruments for the optimized prefabrication of all construction materials including plastic, steel, wood, and concrete. Leister provides state-of-the-art equipment that the professionals can depend on.

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    Leister Welding Equipment

    We offer a large selection of Leister welding equipment for a multitude of projects including wedge welding, geomembrane welding, overlap welding, and plastic welding. The nationally praised GeoStar wedge welding machines are used by professional welders around the globe. Leister constructed their equipment to streamline any welding project and allow the experts to do their jobs as safely and quickly as possible.

    Leister commits to trustworthy and consistent quality management; they are certified to comply with the ISO 9001 quality standards. All processes are regularly audited and improved to comply with quality-relevant criteria; therefore, products uphold a reputation of reliable service and longevity. Our extensive inventory of welding tools includes but is not limited to:

    • Plastic Welding Guns
    Automatic & Extrusion Welders
    • Hot-Wedge & Combi-Wedge Machines
    Testing Instruments
    • Hot Air Tools

    Your One-Stop Leister Distributor

    Regardless of project materials or location, we are an official Leister distributor and possess the inventory and industry expertise to best serve our customers. We proudly sell and advocate for Leister equipment as the most robust and long-lasting welding brand in existence. Welding can prove a challenging task and generally occurs in rural areas far away from civilization or service. ABC is here to support you by selling only the most economic and protective gear. Reach out via online contact form or telephone for more information on our pricing, products, and ordering. We look forward to meeting you!

    Leister products are designed and developed to comply with nationally and internationally recognized standards. For the protection of clients, tests are conducted by accredited and independent testing institutes. Our team of experts can assist you in choosing the right equipment for your specific application process. ABC Equipments is also an official Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.