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Geo & Civil Engineering

We offer several Leister automatic and extrusion welders to streamline civil engineering projects including landfill, mining, and reservoir construction. Welding quality is necessary for the structural integrity and safety of construction sites. That’s why Leister tools are designed to reflect power, accuracy, and convenience.


Plastic Fabrication

Leister has designed numerous welding machine and hand tool models for the prefabrication of thermoplastics and other common construction materials. Their products are strategically designed to promote the comfort, safety, and productivity of welders.


Pre-Fabrication Solutions

We distribute an assortment of Leister welding machines and testing instruments for the optimized prefabrication of all construction materials including plastic, steel, wood, and concrete. Leister provides state-of-the-art equipment that the professionals can depend on.

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About Us

For decades, Leister has been the worldwide market leader in welding equipment. Professionals around the globe depend on Leister tools to facilitate largescale construction projects including roofing, reservoirs, tarpaulins, landfills, flooring, plastic fabrication, and countless other applications.

With over 30 years of experience in plastic welding and 15+ years as an established leader in the Latin American market, we are now excited to bring ABC Equipments and Environmental Technologies to the US! We currently operate out of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

We specialize in the distribution of environmental equipment and make no compromise at the cost of quality, which is why we are proud to represent Leister Technologies AG. Our automatic and extrusion welders, handheld tools, and testing instruments were designed to streamline even the most demanding welding projects. In civil engineering, tunneling, and disposal applications, sealing system quality is top priority. Leaks can have fatal consequences; therefore, precision and leak-tightness must be ensured during the initial construction process. Leister not only facilitates incredibly meticulous welding results but also stands out from the crowd thanks to their strategic ergonomics. Their global network, reputation of consistent quality, innovative engineering, and customer commitment remain unmatched.

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